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Phil Bolger CatBoat, design #139

In 2009 I rescued this unbuilt Phil Bolger hull from possible destruction. Unfortunately, my life situation won’t allow me to complete the design. The semicomplete hull is free to anyone with the skill and resources to complete it.

The boat is a canoe hull, full keel catboat designed in 1960 by Phil Bolger. This hull was never finished, and, is as far as I know, the only representative of this design ever built. The hull is strip built cedar strip, and is in very good condition, as it was stored indoors and out of the weather for over 20 years. The boat as it stands includes only the wooden hull, and does not have the lead ballast casting, decks, cockpit, fittings, motor, rigging, or trailer. It is being stored on a cradle in Green Bay, Wisconsin, out off the weather. Plans are available and included with the hull.

Length overall 23’0″
Length Waterline 18’9″
Beam 6’0″
Draft 2’9″
Displacement unknown (I’d estimate 2500 lbs)
Ballast Casting 850 lbs lead

some information and a plan scan is available at:  http://sites.google.com/site/gaffersunite/home/bolger-design-139

more pictures are available at:   http://sites.google.com/site/gaffersunite/home/bolger-design-139/august2009pics