About WBRF

Wooden Boats beyond a certain point of condition and/or age are becoming rare. After years without proper care, they are sawn up, burned, or buried. It is our hope that this site can centralize connections between current owners placing boats with people searching for boats.

Help needed: we desperately need indoor storage for boats in transit. We do not store boat here. We need boat builders and yards to volunteer time or reduce rates for moving or working on these boats. We are also in need of people making an effort to save that “old Boat down the street or in the barn” in their local areas.

We hope to start the wooden boat repair workshops this fall… let us know your ideas—see Wooden Boat Repair classes above.

The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation does not gather boats, store them, or transport them, but rather acts as a go-between. We strive to get parties in contact with each other and we do not take boats onto the grounds. All boats remain with the owners or yards and are their property not ours.

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